Our responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), as defined by the European Commission, is "the responsibility of a company for its impact on society".

Genexo is not only an economic entity, but also an employer, member of the local community and a business partner. Our company is made up primarily of employees and patients using our products, and taking care of their safety and environmental protection is one of our superior objectives.

We believe that social responsibility means combining corporate and business decisions with the needs of patients and acting in accordance with the company's owners' values.



Product liability


At Genexo we seek and use modern technological solutions to offer patients high quality products that are effective in various health problems. We pay great attention to the monitoring of the safety and quality of our products.

In order to ensure the highest quality of our products (medical devices, dietary supplements, cosmetics, foodstuffs for special nutritional purposes, medicines), we have applied the highest quality standards. They concern the company and the quality management systems implemented in it, according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485, as well as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The quality of manufactured medical devices is in accordance with the requirements of Directives 93/42 EEC and 98/79 EC, as evidenced by the relevant certificates granted to Genexo.


Educational activities

To ensure the safety of our patients, we have set up a helpline at 801 808 818, where they can find information about our products and report adverse reactions and medical incidents. We also take care of the patients using our meters, whom we inform about the possibility of the damaged device reprocessing.

Concerned about the environment, we collect and deliver non-active glucometers left in a pharmacy or healthcare facility free of charge to waste disposal companies.


Odpowiedzialność za społeczeństwo



Company = Employees

Genexo is made up of all our employees, which is why:

  • we take care of their health and lives by providing a comprehensive social package,
  • we respect the effort and appreciate their daily work,
  • we promote an attitude of mutual respect,
  • we support the golden rule of ethics "treat others as you would like to be treated",
  • we try to effectively counteract all forms of discrimination and mobbing by pursuing an 'open door' policy.

We consider the training, development and safety of our employees to be the most important.



We conduct the recruitment process in accordance with clearly defined procedures and objective principles. We appreciate the qualifications and skills of people working for us, therefore during the recruitment process we first of all take into account the applications of Genexo employees in the internal recruitment process. When recruiting an external employee, the recruitment decision is based on the following criteria:

  • professional experience,
  • education,
  • substantive preparation of the candidate to perform a given job.

We believe that it is the employer's responsibility to counteract discrimination in employment based on gender, age, disability and other legally protected characteristics.





We engage employees in activities for the benefit of local communities through employee volunteering. Our employees devote their time off work and use their skills to provide a variety of jobs and services to facilities that need them. Volunteering provides an opportunity to develop cooperation and project management skills. It is an element of team integration, and in some cases the realisation of personal passions of company employees.


Zakręć się na pomaganie



Since 2012, Genexo's employees have been involved in the campaign "CURL AROUND TO HELP meaning Bottle tops for Staś a cool boy". Staś was born with no hands and every tiny gesture is necessary for him to function normally. The action consists in collecting plastic bottle tops, the profit from which is allocated for the purchase of prosthesis. In the office there are special boxes for collecting PET bottle tops. When the boxes are full, we inform the foundation that collects them and sells them to the recycling company. The money is deposited into Stas's account.


Genexo dzieciom



The main goal of the project "WE WANT TO HELP" is to help children and youth by creating a friendly place that supports sociotherapeutic processes. This is a project to renovate sociotherapeutic day rooms where children spend their time after school. The activities of community centres are most often targeted at children and young people from disadvantaged families. These institutions play a supporting role for the local community in the process of educating the young generation.


Baw się i śmiej



The "Have fun and laugh" project is a continuation of an initiative related to the renovation of community centres. We want to participate actively in the life of these small communities. We are preparing a series of educational meetings on various topics for the alumni of socio-therapeutic community centres. Genexo employees will conduct workshops as part of their voluntary work. The subject matter of the meetings will be agreed with the group supervisors..


Odpowiedzialność w biznesie



The EKO Genexo programme, which we initiated in 2012, is aimed at reducing the use of environmental resources in the daily operations of the company.

Genexo employees take part in the action: "SAVE THE POWER - don't require your equipment to stay awake all the time." We pay special attention to energy saving by switching off devices such as computers, printers, shredders, in the office. We use only energy saving bulbs, make maximum use of daylight and do not turn on artificial light when there is no need.


Zgnieć butelkę


Zbieraj makulaturę


Zbieraj nakrętki


Oszczędzaj prąd


Another action related to EKO Genexo is collecting waste paper. On the premises of the company there are special eco-containers, designed to collect all waste for recycling in order to give it a "second life".

The EKO Genexo project also includes the action "DO NOT DUMP AIR TO THE TRASH BIN", squash the bottle. A crushed bottle means a smaller volume by more than 80%. This means that 50 crushed bottles can be placed in a standard waste bin instead of 10.

We also improve environmental awareness among users of company vehicles. By following a few simple rules regarding EcoDriving, we not only have an impact on the environment, but also on the road safety. Business cars are used in such a way as to reduce the emission of harmful chemical compounds contained in exhaust gases, which favours the natural environment.

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